Why Invest?

Emerging Markets (EM) equities are trading at the cheapest valuations relative to Developed Markets in 50 years1.
Gain exclusive access to a proven strategy that invests in high-quality, EM growth companies with a strong focus on downside protection.

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A hand-picked emerging markets portfolio

Northcape Capital is one of Warakirri’s boutique asset managers with a long history of managing equities for Australian institutional investors. Investors can access Northcape’s expertise exclusively via the Warakirri Global Emerging Markets Fund.

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Proven performance track record

Northcape invests in resilient businesses with clear opportunities for growth and has delivered sustained investment outperformance over the long term2.              

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Integration of ESG mitigates risk

ESG leading companies have historically outperformed, especially in emerging markets3. Northcape sets the bar high for companies to pass its ESG test and scoring system before being considered for addition to the portfolio.

Why Emerging Markets Now?

Watch the videos below with Ross Cameron, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Equities at Northcape Capital, manager of the Warakirri Global Emerging Markets Fund, to learn more about the opportunities available now in the asset class and why specialist active management plays a crucial role in generating superior investment returns.

The Proof is in the Process

Northcape Capital Global Emerging Markets Strategy - Gross Calendar Year Outperformance Chart - Warakirri Asset Management

Resilient and Sustained Long-Term Portfolio Outperformance

Northcape’s highly disciplined, index unaware, “Best of the Best” ideas strategy has yielded strong, resilient returns over the long term.  In fact, their investment approach has experienced only two calendar years of underperformance since the strategy’s inception in 2008.

Managing downside risk is critical for successful investing in Emerging Markets.  Northcape’s strong risk management approach which starts with the critically important identification of sovereign risk and their quest for ESG excellence – only investing in companies that adhere to sound environmental, social and corporate governance practice – ensures a focus on the protection of investor’s capital.


* Source: Northcape Capital. Inception date of the Northcape Capital Global Emerging Markets Strategy is 1 July 2008. Calendar Year returns shown are gross of fees and taxes. Index is the MSCI Emerging Markets Accumulation Index ($AUD). Read More.

Zenith Recommended and Lonsec Investment Grade Logos

Zenith Investment Partners noted that the fund is “well-managed by an experienced investment team adopting a differentiated investment approach”. “Historically, Northcape’s investment approach has resulted in solid participation in rising markets whilst offering strong downside protection. Zenith considers the Fund’s performance profile to be a key attraction.

Lonsec highlights a strength of the fund as the “highly detailed research approach which places a high degree of emphasis on downside protection with notable integration of ESG considerations.” “The process incorporates a sovereign risk framework into decision making which have historically been important drivers of emerging markets risk.”

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