Why Invest?

Access a diversified portfolio seeking high-quality Australian small companies hand-picked for their sustainable earnings growth and managed by Australian small companies specialist, Flinders Investment Partners, one of Warakirri’s boutique investment partners.

Performance Potential

Small companies offer a unique alpha opportunity by seeking to invest in companies with a long growth runway in an inefficient sector of the market, playing an important role in a well-balanced equities portfolio.

Active Management Matters

Historically, active management has consistently delivered outperformance in small companies as the diverse and under-researched opportunity set provides skilled managers with the potential to extract strong investment outcomes.

A Hand-Picked Portfolio of Small Companies

Flinders specialises in managing small and emerging companies with a proven track record in identifying investment ideas with growth potential.

Why Small Companies Now?

In 2022, the Australian small companies sector experienced material underperformance relative to large companies, with indiscrimante selling a result of the unwinding of QE.

In fact, this was the most extended and significant period of relative underperformance of the asset class since the GFC. We believe this dramatic rerating has resulted in an historic low entry point for those considering an allocation to the asset class.

Active Management Matters

When investing in small companies, there is a clear case for active management.

  • Larger companies are expected to be the most efficient part of the market, with an average of 14 analysts covering each stock. While the smaller companies segment is the most inefficient, providing the potential for higher returns, both relative and absolute.
  • The widening range of investment outcomes as investors go down the market capitalisation spectrum highlights the potential for active management to extract strong investment outcomes.

Why Flinders?

Unlike many investment managers, Flinders Investment Partners specialises solely in Australian small and emerging companies. It’s this single-minded focus that has enabled the team to be recognised as a leading small cap specialist. Watch this brief video with Andrew Mouchacca, Portfolio Manager of the Flinders Emerging Companies Fund for an overview of the team’s approach to investing.

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