The Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program provides graduates with a unique structured induction and development program in either broadacre cropping or dairy. Each year Warakirri offers up to five cropping graduate placements and four dairy graduate placements.

The Graduate Program runs for 24 months and graduates will work as part of the farm and corporate teams on real projects, whilst receiving on the job coaching, training, and mentorship.

Graduates will gain exposure to different production regions, farming systems and corporate administration. This exposure will provide a detailed understanding of how large scale national corporate agricultural businesses are structured and operate.

Graduates will be full time employees and paid a competitive salary. During and upon the completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to apply for permanent roles within the business.

Why Warakirri Agricultural Graduate Program?

For many students, tertiary studies can be very theoretical with the gap between academic knowledge and practical application being quite significant. This program offers you practical mentorship, and the opportunity to entrench yourself in a real position, applying your academic knowledge to a practical role and taking responsibility for driving outcomes in designated areas of responsibility.

Following completion of studies and the years thereafter, the range of career options is often wide and varied. We understand this and have designed the Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program to rotate across different production regions and corporate exposures, allowing you to gain different perspectives and experiences. You will not only be gaining relevant experience but will also be supported to set clear career goals, ensuring you will be well placed to move into a permanent position that’s likely to arise in one of Australia’s largest and fast-growing Corporate Agriculture Businesses.

Hannah Lowe - Warakirri Agriculture

Benefits and Development

Warakirri’s graduate roles are competitively paid, full-time positions. We provide accommodation, phone/internet and other necessary tools relevant to each farm placement.

The Graduate Program is focused on helping the next generation of agricultural professionals grow and develop. During the program, you will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will set, discuss and monitor Key Learning and Performance Areas. You will also be included in our annual performance review process and performance development plan, with a focus on professional development and goal setting.

Charlie - Warakirri Cropping

Student Profile

To qualify for the Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program you have graduated in the last three years with a degree from tertiary studies at a Certificate IV, Diploma, Bachelors or Masters from an accredited educational institution. Although not limited to, we encourage students who are enrolled in the following qualifications to apply:

• Agricultural Science • Agriculture
• Farm Management • Agronomy
• Agribusiness • Commerce / Business (with an interest in agriculture)

You are to meet residency requirements by holding Australian/ New Zealand Citizenship or a valid Australian Permanent Resident Visa.

Graduate Experiences

D'arcy - Warakirri Cropping


Intake 2023

I chose the Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program to gain extensive broadacre knowledge across the country and delve into office operations. The program exceeded my expectations, and was tailored to train me as a Junior Assistant Farm Manager.

I love the team engagement and collective purpose of feeding the world through crop cultivation. It challenged me to think differently, embrace leadership roles, and manage diverse tasks beyond operating machinery. The program’s in-house support system, including business analytics and grain marketing teams, surprised me in a positive way.

What sets Warakirri apart is their commitment to listen and accommodate our aspirations. For aspiring grads, I encourage embracing challenges, saying “yes” to opportunities, and exploring different regions for personal and career growth. Join the transformative two-year journey of the Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program.

Tom on a conola field, Warakirri Cropping


Intake 2017

While studying Agricultural Science at Adelaide University, I came across Warakirri Cropping’s job advertisement and decided to give it a shot. The Warakirri graduate program offered an invaluable platform for professional growth, granting me access to diverse areas such as people management, grain marketing, farm operations and asset management.

My journey with Warakirri where I started as a Junior Assistant Manager and now as a Farm Manager has been characterized by memorable moments and valuable lessons. Bonding with fellow graduates and my mentors and managers and seeing different climatic conditions firsthand. From a challenging drought in the Riverina during my initial rotation to experiencing a ripper season in Esperance, all added to my skills to become a versatile Farm Manager.

The program’s nurturing environment empowers young professionals like myself, fostering our untapped potential and nurturing fulfilling careers within the dynamic realm of the agricultural industry.

Charlie - Warakirri Cropping


Intake 2022

Pursuing a career in corporate agriculture, I applied for the Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program, drawn to its unmatched variety and focus on career progression. The program met my expectations with engaging rotations and responsibilities, while the on-farm experiences surpassed what I imagined socially and culturally.

The job offers countless opportunities for learning, development, and growth, allowing me to explore my interests and form valuable relationships. Experiencing farming operations in three distinct Australian farming operations has broadened my perspective. What sets the Warakirri program apart is its exceptional rotation system and clear career pipeline, unrivaled by any other company.

For aspiring grads, I advise keeping an open mind, setting clear goals, learning from experienced professionals, embracing challenges, and immersing themselves in the communities. The Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program has transformed my career in corporate agriculture, offering invaluable experiences and a promising future.

Liam - Warakirri Cropping


Intake 2019

I applied to Warakirri seeking practical experience after a theoretical university degree. Comparing family farms to corporate operations intrigued me. The program exceeded my expectations, offering hands-on involvement, early responsibility, and exposure to diverse farming districts.

I love the daily challenge of generating new ideas and solutions, fostered by an environment that values initiative, innovation, and learning. The program’s ability to complement my degree and provide practical understanding surprised me positively.

What sets Warakirri apart is the broad exposure it offers to various aspects of large-scale cropping, from agronomy to grain marketing and business decisions. My tip for current graduates is to embrace graduate opportunities with an open mind, learn from industry leaders, and seize the chance for personal and professional growth in the Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program.

Graduate Program Timing and Process

We welcome applications for the 2025 Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a panel interview followed by psychometric assessments.

For further information, please contact:

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