Funds Management

Our multi-boutique platform offers you access to specialist investment managers to deliver a range of funds across Australian, global and emerging market equities as well as cash deposits to fit your evolving investment needs.


As a leader in, and one of Australia’s largest agriculture managers, Warakirri’s capabilities have been developed from the learnings and experience of investing and managing agricultural assets for over 25 years.

Currency Management

We can provide Australian superannuation funds and institutional investors with a range of tailored and innovative solutions to suit specific client needs, ranging from passive to active currency risk management to currency alpha, as well as execution services.

US Real Estate

We believe opportunities exist in the US real estate market to achieve above-market, risk-adjusted returns through the purchase of assets whose full values have yet to be realised. We can provide institutional and wholesale investors with access to compelling direct investment opportunities in the real estate market, creating portfolios that are diversified by product type, geographic location and product life cycle phases.

After-Tax Analytics

We have been benchmarking Australian equities portfolios on an after-tax basis since 2007 and are a leading provider of after-tax reporting and performance analytics. Our tailored reporting and analysis can help superannuation funds and fund managers improve returns for investors.