Who we are

Warakirri was established in 1993 with a view to provide charitable and tax-exempt investors with an investment vehicle managed specifically to their tax-exempt status. Warakirri’s first trust, the Warakirri Charitable Australian Equities Trust (known today as Warakirri Ethical Australian Equities Fund) was launched.

Since then, Warakirri has established numerous solutions specifically designed to meet the varied needs of investors. Warakirri is 100% owned by its directors and employees and provides specialist investment vehicles to meet the needs of charities, superannuation and individual investors across Australian, global and emerging market equities, cash, Australian agriculture, currency management and US real estate.

Our values

Warakirri is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “to grow”. As the name suggests, Warakirri was established for that very purpose – to grow and protect the wealth of investors.

Core Values


Doing what is right and what we say we will do


Being open and transparent with our clients and with each other


We value and prioritise working together and sharing ideas

Guiding Values

Acting as Owners

We prioritise our fiduciary role and think and act as owners of the capital we invest and the business we run


We seek to find a better way to achieve best in class sustainable results


We value and encourage diversity and a broad range of perspectives

Awards and Recognition

Max Awards - Distribution Team of the Year
Agri Investor Winner
Climate Active
Zenith Fund Awards
Leading Harvest