Warakirri Diversified Agriculture Fund

The Warakirri Diversified Agriculture Fund is a ‘Core Agricultural Property’ investment strategy that has been established with the intent to purchase, develop and own a diversified portfolio of investment grade Australian agricultural assets and lease to high quality agricultural businesses (tenants).

Warakirri Farmland Fund

The Warakirri Farmland Fund offers domestic and international institutional investors unique access to investment grade agricultural property with an attractive and stable income profile.

Warakirri Cropping

Warakirri Cropping is a large-scale broadacre grain producer established in 1996 on behalf of Australian superannuation funds. It owns and operates over 150,000 hectares of broad acre cropping farms in Victoria, southern and northern New South Wales, southern Queensland and Western Australia, with production potential in excess of 400,000 tonnes of grain per annum, representing one of the largest grain producers in Australia.

Aurora Dairies

Aurora Dairies owns and operates approximately 24,000 hectares on 55 dairy farms across the southwest, northern and Gippsland regions of Victoria, southeast South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. The diversified dairy portfolio has approximately 48,000 milking cows, producing 280 million litres of milk per annum. Originally established in 2006 as Warakirri Dairies, Aurora Dairies is one of Australia’s largest milk producers.