To build a portfolio of quality, growing smaller companies that will outperform the Benchmark by 3% pa (after fees) over rolling 3-year periods through an active, research-based approach that assesses risk and investment fundamentals.


Growing businesses generate the most value for shareholders, especially if they can be identified early in their growth phase. Flinders believe that the way to identify these attractive companies is to undertake significant, rigorous and consistent proprietary research and financial analysis. Flinders are resolute in their focus on risk management in order to maximise gains and limit losses, leading to potentially higher returns for investors.


Benchmark S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index
Stock Range 35 - 50
Individual Stock Weight 0-10%
Inception Date 30 September 2015
Fund Size $105.1m
Distribution Frequency Semi-Annual
Management Fee 1.10% pa
Performance Fee 20.628% of after management fee over the Benchmark subject to a relative high-water mark
Buy/Sell Spread 0.35% / 0.35%
Currency AUD
ARSN 607 268 048

Why Actively Managed Small Caps?


It is widely known that traditional Australian equities portfolios are stacked with the country’s top 100 stocks, yet there are more than 2,000 other smaller companies to invest in.

Markets have rallied strongly since the trough on 23 March 2020 which coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and equities have re-rated aggressively. Earnings per share (EPS) growth expectations based on FY21 consensus data and the PE for the small companies sector are currently both looking more attractive than large caps.

And while the last five years has actually been one of the tougher periods for small cap managers coinciding with a period of lower than usual volatility, the median active manager has still consistently outperformed the benchmark (source: Mercer).

Now may be the time for prudent investors to assess the current characteristics of the domestic market equity segments to determine their suitability for continued investment.

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Portfolio Holdings

As at 30 June 2021

Stock Code^ Company Name
CDA Codan
MMM Marley Spoon
PNI Pinnacle Investment Management
SHJ Shine Justice
UWL Uniti Group

Portfolio holdings are subject to change. ^ Alphabetical order.

As at 30 June 2021

2.0% Energy
16.0% Materials
9.0% Industrials
20.0% Consumer Discretionary
5.0% Consumer Staples
6.0% Healthcare
17.0% Financials
6.0% Information Technology
6.0% Communication Services
7.0% Real Estate
3.0% Cash


Organisation Rating / Recommendation
Zenith Investment Partners Recommended
Lonsec Research Recommended
BT Wrap BT Panorama
FirstWrap HUB24
IOOF Macquarie Wrap
MLC Wrap & Navigator Netwealth
Powerwrap Praemium
uXchange Xplore