Investment Overview

The Warakirri Farmland Fund will buy, develop and own a diversified portfolio of Investment grade agricultural property for the primary purpose of leasing the assets to high quality agricultural business, as Tenant Partners.

Investment Strategy

The investment portfolio will be developed over time within the strategic portfolio asset allocation and will focus on investment grade assets with attractive lease terms and best-in-class counterparties. Target assets include horticulture (nuts and fruit), viticulture (wine and table grapes), row crop farmland assets and water entitlements.

Investment Philosophy & ESG

Warakirri’s investment philosophy embraces the core principles of responsible and sustainable investment. The Fund will utilise Warakirri’s Sustainability Framework and where possible, will include strategies to measure, monitor and reduce energy use, carbon emissions and biodiversity.

Portfolio Holdings

Indicative Investment Portfolio

0-50% Fruit
(Summer Fruits, Tropical Fruits, Citrus, Pears, Olives, Apples, Avocados, Mangoes & Berries)
0-50% Nuts
(Almonds, Macadamias, Walnuts & Pistachios)
0-35% Wine Grape Vineyards
0-35% Table Grape Vineyards
0-30% Row Crops
(Irrigated & Dryland)
0-20% Water Entitlements

Sector Insights - Berries

The Australian berry sector is experiencing strong sector growth and has good future value potential on the back of recent genetic advancement in new varieties and research which has placed berries in the “superfood” category.


  • The value of Australian berry production grew at a compound annual growth rate of 10% p.a. between 2013 and 2020;
  • Australian consumption per capita has risen by almost 7% over the past five years; and
  • While growth through the berry category has been predominately domestic to date, international demand is intensifying.

Why Warakirri?

Warakirri’s agricultural capabilities have been developed from the learnings and experience of investing and managing agricultural assets for over 20 years. Experiences, both positive and negative, have shaped our investment philosophy and approach.

Our investor first approach drives an investment philosophy that is patient, diversified, bottom up (value) and with a strong focus on ESG.

With ~A$1.8 billion in FUM and Commitments on behalf of institutional and wholesale clients, Warakirri manages more than 200,000 Ha (500,000 acres) of Australian agricultural land – with extensive experience in acquiring, developing and operating a diverse portfolio of Row Crop, Dairy, Open Land Horticulture, Permanent Crops and Agriculture Infrastructure,  diversified by geography, sector, markets, commodity, operator, climate and water sources.​

The Warakirri Farmland Fund is available to domestic and offshore institutional investors only. For more information, please download the Fund Summary below or contact us on 1300 927 254 or for a copy of the Information Memorandum.

Fund Documents