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A focus on sustainable performance

Warakirri is a multi-boutique asset manager that partners with specialist fund managers to deliver actively managed investment solutions across Australian agriculture, ethical investments, and actively managed equities. Like us, each of our investment partners has its own distinct philosophy and approach, founded on a strong belief in the benefits of active management and growing our clients’ capital sustainably over time.

Privately owned for over a quarter of a century, we are a company that thinks generationally, allowing us to focus on delivering investment returns that exceed that of the broader market over the longer term.

Quality Investment Solutions

A leader in Agriculture

Warakirri is one of the most diverse, specialist Australian agriculture investment managers – acquiring, developing and operating agricultural assets for over 25 years.

We have developed an in-depth understanding of the investment principles that are critical for the success of agricultural investments, successfully completing almost 200 transactions from over 1,000 originations over our long history.

Agriculture Capabilities

Access to Specialist Investment Managers

Warakirri also partner exclusively with specialist investment managers with proven capabilities to deliver a range of quality investment solutions each with their own distinct investment philosophy across Australian equites, global equities, emerging market equities and small companies.

We compliment these with ethical investment options, utilising our proprietary ethical overlay, incorporating both positive (ESG) and negative exclusion components.

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Max Awards - Distribution Team of the Year
Climate Active
Zenith Fund Awards
Leading Harvest
Agri Investor Award 2023