Warakirri After-Tax Benchmarking and Performance Analytics

Warakirri Asset Management is a leading provider of after-tax benchmarking, reporting and performance analytics. Warakirri’s tailored reporting and analysis helps superannuation funds and fund managers improve the after-tax returns that are paid to superannuation fund members and other investors.

Warakirri has been benchmarking Australian equities portfolios on an after-tax basis since 2007 and provides after-tax benchmarks and analysis for more than $40 billion of Australian equities.

Warakirri’s proprietary after-tax benchmarking methodology measures all tax elements that apply to Australian equities investment. The methodology has been developed by Warakirri and industry leading finance and investment experts. All of Warakirri’s after-tax processes are examined annually by Deloitte to ensure compliance with Australian taxation principles.

Warakirri After-Tax Quarterly Performance Survey

Warakirri’s after-tax quarterly performance survey is the first of its kind in Australia. The survey ranks the performance of Australia’s leading equities managers on an after-tax basis and is a valuable tool for investment committees, superannuation fund staff and asset consultants for assessing the after-tax performance credentials of Australian equities fund managers. All performance figures are calculated using Warakirri’s proprietary after-tax benchmarking methodology.

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