A leader in Australian Agriculture

Warakirri is one the most diverse specialist Australian agriculture investment managers for institutional and wholesale investors and has been a leader in agricultural investment management for over 25 years – acquiring, developing and operating agricultural assets.

We have developed an in-depth understanding of the investment principles which are critical for the success of agricultural investments, successfully completing almost 200 transactions from over 1,000 originations over our long history.

Approach to Sustainable Agriculture Investing

Sustainable Agriculture Investments in Austalia - Warakirri Asset Management

Investing well and investing sustainably in Australian agriculture can deliver many rewards – positive social and community impact, significant environmental benefits, and competitive financial outcomes for investors. This is why we take a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture that seeks to achieve a balanced range of outcomes across social, economic and environmental considerations.

Our approach to sustainability is to adapt and evolve our practices over time to continually improve our sustainability performance over the long-term.

Our Capabilities

Australian Agriculture Investments - Warakirri Asset Management

Warakirri manages a diverse national portfolio of assets covering row crop, dairy, open land horticulture, permanent crops and Ag infrastructure. Today, we are the largest milk producer in Australia and one of the largest grain producers, across more than 60 land aggregations.

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