What's in store for the rest of 2024?

Financial markets have experienced significant volatility over the past year. Despite some policy success lowering inflation, the pace of disinflation has slowed, causing authorities to reassess interest rate policy settings. This combined with recent geopolitical uncertainty may be leaving investors asking, how should I position my portfolio for what lies ahead?

We’re pleased to share our market outlooks for the second half of the year featuring key insights from our specialist investment partners.

Three themes to watch

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Consumer resilience through volatility

Despite the complex global economic and geopolitical settings, consumers have adapted well to date, however investors may need to be more discerning in the types of companies they invest in moving forward.


The time to shine may be now

Compelling valuations in sectors like Emerging Markets equities and Small Caps, along with unloved “quality” domestic companies, may present unique entry points for long-term investors.


Growing global food demand

Agriculture provides attractive opportunities for investors wanting to access the thematic of a growing and wealthier population and Australia is uniquely placed to deliver what the world increasingly wants.

Market Outlooks

Our insights show you what’s coming up ahead, what’s most important, and where we are finding the most attractive investment opportunities – watch the videos to get the full picture.

Australian Equities

We think the market is currently overlooking a number of unloved “quality” companies and investors need to consider different ways to play a few of the new emerging themes.

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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets valuations are compelling and difficult to ignore and this is ultimately the biggest driver of investment returns over the long-term.

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Australian Small Companies

Along with the growth characteristics of the asset class, we view the current economic settings as a recipe for a positive re-rating of the sector.

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Global Equities

We see significant divergence in global equity markets and with interest rates expected to be higher for longer, finding the high quality core compounders is key.

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Australian Agriculture

In addition to being the fastest growing sector, a well managed Australian agriculture investment, can come with relatively lower volatility.

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