Research Roundtable: Warakirri Global Emerging Markets Fund

08 November 2022

Warakirri recently participated in a Research Roundtable with Portfolio Construction Forum. This session focused on the Warakirri Global Emerging Markets Fund, with senior practitioners deciding, after briefings, Q&A and debate, their individual rating for the strategy and whether to include it on a hypothetical APL and/or multi-manager portfolios.

Representing Warakirri were Portfolio Managers, Tom Pidgeon and Patrick Russel from Northcape Capital, the underlying managers of the fund along with representatives from Zenith Investment Partners.

The Research Roundtable meeting has been truncated and published for on-demand viewing by all Portfolio Construction Forum members, with 1.5 CE/CPD hours available.

To view a recording of the session and all supporting documents visit here.


About Research Roundtable
Research Roundtable is designed to further develop senior investment committee practitioners’ knowledge and skill in the “secondary” fund research area of “know your product”, and related due diligence of fund research houses, fund managers and investment strategies, as well as Investment Committee APL, and multi-asset, multi-manager portfolio construction decision-making. It is a unique, invitation-only, interactive 3.5 hour, moderated Investment Committee “case study” for senior, experienced practitioners who design and build multi-manager portfolios that include (but are not necessarily limited to) managed funds from a range of funds management firms – and, importantly, who sit on an investment committee.

Warakirri News

Warakirri News