Warakirri Asset Management Certified Carbon Neutral

27 October 2021

We’re pleased to announce that working with leading climate change advisory firm, Ndevr Environmental, Warakirri Asset Management has been certified as carbon neutral under the Australian Government’s Climate Active scheme.

To help offset its omissions, Warakirri have partnered with the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation to purchase carbon credits supporting the Tiwi Islands Savana burning project. Warakirri has always had a close connection to the land and the local communities within which we operate. Warakirri is an aboriginal word meaning ‘to grow’ and the opportunity to support a local indigenous project was important to us. Not only will this project reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that large wild fires emit, but there are also a large number of co-benefits of the program including employment, local knowledge transfer and protection of the region’s important biodiversity.

Warakirri recognises the findings of the scientific community, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that increasing emissions of greenhouse gases is causing widespread impacts from climate change around the world. Our guiding values as a business include an ongoing focus on achieving best in class sustainable results, and we conduct our investment management activities accordingly. To this end, we became signatories to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) in February 2020, committing to the incorporation of ESG issues into our investment management activities including climate change related matters.

Warakirri is committed to developing detailed emission reduction strategies over the next two years based upon the base year emissions inventory prepared by Ndevr and the outcomes of this work will be used to inform and strengthen our response to the challenges and opportunities that arise as a result of climate change over coming years, right across our business including management activities for our agricultural funds with an additional focus on innovative and environmentally sustainable farming practices.

A copy of the Warakirri Asset Management Climate Active Public Disclosure Document is publicly available on the Climate Active website.

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